Dreams billow in August mist,

steam rises from griddled ground,

a pillowed moon in darkness rests.

Lightning tongues serrate the sky,

drums roll thunder across the night,

deepest fears surge in flashes—while

fervent hearts murmur wishes for 

soft cool rushes of healing rain.


A quadrille, a poem of exactly 44 words, for dVerse Monday. The word of the day is ‘dream’.

©2017 Ontheland

macabre lullaby

A quadrille for dVerse: Be not Afraid:

Hush my dear

hear this tale:

Nuclear bombs

will end night terror,

Earth will flash the sky—

 a spectacular splash 

like firework flowers

on a national holiday—

and a mushroom cloud 

will trail the Milky Way

gathering stardust,

then fear will be

no more.


©2017 Ontheland

Saturday night (2)

Arms flicker and flash

the refrigerator gleams

memories spin and sway the kitchen floor

essence of adolescence

sparks lunges and leaps

tuned to infectious beats 

she’s returned from the past

on a ribbon of guileless joy

and her future self nods 

a spritely reunion.


I learned that the word for this week’s quadrille for DVerse is ‘flicker’ after having posted a haiku featuring a ‘flicker-flash’. So I decided to expand the haiku into this 44-word quadrille.

©2017 Ontheland

missed sign


The sign is there but we miss it,

drive right by in oblivion,

not in defiance, just not seeing

caught in a daydream,

a fantasy or making plans

until reality looms and

our mind flashes back

to the yellow diamond sign

yelling “Dead End”!

©2017 Ontheland

Today’s dVerse poetics prompt is from Mish: “Today I’d like you to choose a sign as a visual prompt. Let it speak to you metaphorically or as an allegory.”  My response is a 44-word quadrille and the edited photo is from Pixabay.


At school

we studied pistils and stamens

not plants in our lives:

that black and green pepper are not related

that peppermint and catnip are mints

that pepper squash is indigenous to North America

that a peck of pickled peppers will last a year.

©2017 Ontheland

A response to Kim’s invitation to write a quadrille including ‘pepper’ for dVerse Quadrille Monday, held every second week.  The challenge is to use the theme word in a poem exactly 44 words long.


When terror strikes

we mourn in gales of sorrow,

praise those forever lost.

When torrents subside,

let us sit down and talk.

How can we know the signs,

prevent seduction,

show more caring?

Storms of carnage call for compassion,

All arrogance must be tamed.

©2017 Ontheland

With ‘storm’ as this week’s dVerse Quadrille prompt, it was hard not to think of the recent tragic events in London.  I found myself surfing the web to find information about education and support programs designed to prevent radicalization leading to violence. What I had heard on the radio seemed to be confirmed—there are few large scale initiatives…actions being taken seem to be low profile (or reported in languages other than English).  Here are three links that I found interesting:




Yogini reaches

to infinite realms

far above and deep below

as a tree

standing half lotus.

Restless dogs sigh

and settle entranced

by soft pencil

strokes that shade

each chakra

drawing out sound

as thread from a skein

weaving a moment of

silent peace.

© 2017 Ontheland

Lately I’ve started coloring as a way of relaxing.  The photo is of my first coloring project shown to provide the context for this Monday quadrille, written using the word ‘sound’ for dVerse Poets Pub.