apex – – haiku

apex of spring

a tulip opening

under May moon



First tulip bloom May 19, 2019

©️2019 Ontheland

May’s Flower full moon was on the 18th. May moon is usually the last full moon before summer solstice. This year’s May moon will be followed by a fourth spring moon in June. Oddly, it is this third full moon of spring which is called the blue moon (not the unusual fourth coming up in June).

For Frank Tassone’s Haikai Challenge–blue flower moon

200 Starlings


200 starlings drop by
in a cloud
that swoops and dives
An aerial ballet
takes over every inch
of the front yard
It’s a convention and
they’re dining on
dried chicory husks
with other delicacies
hidden in the snow
They huddle on the roof,
congregate the road,
then disappear on mass
reappearing seconds later
behind the house
And I, featherless, chatter
by this encounter,
their parallel universe.


©2017 Ontheland

winter sprinkles




sifted bright

whiten winter gloom

lift our hearts with sugar and light


©️2017 Ontheland

Lately, forest, field and roadsides around here have been lightly dusted with snow.

This weekend Chevrefeuille of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai challenged us to write a winter themed Fibo-ku—a relative of the haiku in which syllable count is based on the Fibonacci sequence.<<
e photo is courtesy of Pixabay.<<