not winking: a quadrille

Closing one eye

I am not winking

I am blinded by sunlight

Posing on one leg

I am not avian

I am practicing yoga

Singing the blues

I am not downhearted

I am indigo

Closing both eyes

I am not tired

I am listening


©️2018 Ontheland

The Monday afternoon dVerse challenge from WhimsyGizmo is to write a quadrille (44-word poem) using the word “wink”.

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31 thoughts on “not winking: a quadrille

  1. oh, wonderful word play – and as noted, the clear precision of this poem, the line breaks, the pacing, the word choices, purposefully direct us … to envision this, and it actually made me feel as if I was both witness to and striking up/into the moment, the preparedness, the focus, to take up the pose ….

    well done! well done. And you had me at the “wink” … reference to being blinded by the sun – how true is that! LOL – and I loved, I’m not avian …. really? not a Blue Heron majestically posing!

    great piece Janice 🙂

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  2. This was great! I like how it helps us to remember that we shouldn’t make quick assumptions. What looks like one thing might actually be something totally different. The avian and yoga lines made me smile – great word picture!

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