Ice rain


Freezing rain,

wipers on parked cars

stand straight up


Rain Ping-Pong,

tiny rocks hammered

as they fall


Crushed ice flies

Crusty glazes melt

Tires whine

©2017 Ontheland

WhimsyGizmo provided a Tuesday dVerse Poets Pub prompt that got me writing about today’s freezing rain. Under the heading ‘Muse Mixology’ she invited us to incorporate pub and drinking terms into poems on other topics.  For those in warmer climates, the windshield wipers in the first poem are raised to prevent them from freezing to the windshield. This works unless a high wind snaps them off…I’ll let you find the words related to drinking.

Winter’s reign

Halfway through winter

days of frozen reign

tossed snow flakes floating

up, down, and sideways

chickadees flitter

rabbits huddle as

sunlight shuffles a

sky flashed by starlings.

Quiet winter rests,

spring always follows.

©2017 Ontheland

I’m trying to connect to reality here in Ontario, Canada.  The first day of spring arrives on March 20.  Last year I started feeling anxious for spring way too early so this year I looked at the calendar and counted the days.  Each season is roughly three months long and we’ve had a month and a half of winter so far.  We’re just past halfway–why not enjoy it for what it is? (I just persuaded myself–how about you?)

Late December

When winter nights grow long,

smoke curls into burdened skies,

sun flashes grey with purple and rose,

and joyful songs sparkle

celebrating light’s return.

Was it the fanfare

and proclamations of cheer

or the bone-chilling nights

that carved a new path to my heart?

©2017 Ontheland

∼My first 2017 Quadrille for dVerse Poets Pub—my little pup is curled in my lap as I prepare to click ‘Publish’.∼

Temporary shelter

Fresh sticky snowfall,

snow scoop ready for plowing,

startled rabbit sprints.

What a surprise I had the other morning—a large brown rabbit leaped from under the snow scoop.  I was a foot away, just about to pick up the shovel.

I took this photo a few days later, after the snow had melted.  For those unfamiliar with winter ‘paraphernalia’, the photo shows my snow scoop turned over on the driveway—perfect (almost) shelter for a rabbit.


©2016 ontheland