COVID winter – – haibun

the news is a cacophony of stress … more COVID variants, more positive tests, more deaths, talk of ICU triage guidelines, and the vaccine rollout slowing to a trickle. What can I say? What can I do?

deep snow

on the deck and

it’s still snowing

But who wants to read gloomy observations? Most of us are wanting to be soothed, to forget.


blue mittens

the colour of spring

©️2021 Ontheland

scrabble – – haibun

Another day at home for the two of us and the dogs. The wind knocks over a shovel on the porch and 55 pound Diesel barrels across the floor barking urgently. The other two dogs chime in, their madness continuing as snow blows its quiet storm.



playing scrabble

from opposite ends of the room

on smart phones



©️2021 Ontheland