talking snow: haiku

the shop clerk’s warning:

the road may be greasy

it’s got that skiff


I knew she was talking about the slippery conditions outside, the fresh layer of snow but ‘skiff’ is a new word for me. Apparently it is a colloquial term used in Canada (where I live) and the Northern States for a light flurry or cover of snow.

©️2019 Ontheland

January: a haibun

This January I find myself surrendering to winter, adapting to the calls of sleep, oven casseroles, and layers of cotton, wool and polyester—layers worn and taken off with changes in damp and chill. Dreams, no resolutions, but hazy sightings of possibility accompany me under layers of comforters. They nestle within as a cat circles my lap, quelling my daily resistance.

the sun shines

and I shudder

it’s too early for spring


© 2019 Ontheland