when there is smoke: haibun quadrille

To blame is to disown. My cereal curdles as California wildfires turn homes to ash and, yet again, power trumps empathy and expertise. The vitriol and forest management tales emanating from Washington threaten to spoil my breakfast.

shovelling snow:

the President’s fire fighting



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New York Times:
Trump Says California Can Learn From Finland on Fires. Is He Right?

In response to dVerse Poets Pub Monday quadrille prompt (‘spoil’) I have written this 44-word haibun.

31 thoughts on “when there is smoke: haibun quadrille

  1. Excellent and timely post to the prompt!
    Well, you know . . . if we just would have put thousands of people out in all those forests, with little rakes, and had them rake up all the dead leaves, twigs, acorns, etc….over the summer and the fall…..and paid them…ummmm I’m not sure how but we could find the money somewhere. And we could take away all the matches and lighters and candles from people….and manage the planting of trees better so that we only plant trees that stay moist and are covered with nonflammable sap….then we wouldn’t have fire fires ever again! I just can’t understand why those with what are called scientific degrees don’t understand the most basic ways to stop fires to begin with. And, then, we could eliminate all the hot air and wind…after all the only hot air that should be blowing is mine….all mine.
    Okay — I’m waxing satirical here. But it really is ridiculous, right?

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  2. I swear he throws darts at a dartboard to come up with some of his harebrained ideas. Either that or he says what he knows will incite those who hate him and will expect those who follow him to believe in him regardless of his idiocy one more time.

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  3. USA politics I am always reluctant to comment upon….but from over here in the UK (even with our mad politicians) I have to ask…is this guy for real. Sadly I think the answer is yes. The Fires are a disaster but like all other events such as the shootings, he has to make some critical comment to pass the buck….or is he just stupid?

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  4. Actually when we had large amount of fires here in Sweden forest management was brought up as partly to blame… but what you do is to implement regulations on private landowners… you make sure that government put enough funding into activities that is aimed at lessen the impact of fires. You have building codes that put buildings out of harms way… In one word: Increase regulation.. What Trump wants to blame is that the timber industry is not having its way to cut down at their whim…

    Then you have to admit that forest fires will be more common (not caused) by climate change… there are many pieces to the puzzle, and a man who only have a single piece cannot lay the puzzle…


  5. I just recently discovered Haibun. It’s such an interesting form. Appreciate the way you used it to coverthis subject which, as the comments show, we all have lots to say about. But in 44 words you said it all. It is interesting how prose reveals backstory and haiku reiterates essence. Very effective technique and you used it very well..

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  6. I’ve never heard of Haibun. This is very interesting and I’ll have to research more about it.

    I have blogging friends that have been severely affected by these fires. It is such a sad, scary time for so many. I don’t know what scares me more, the floods (that we’re always getting) or the fires. Both are horrible. 😦

    Have a blessed weekend.

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      1. Yes, it is. In our case, we were fine during Hurricane Harvey. However, the flood that hit our town immediately Harvey trapped us here. No one had time to flee. It was expected that the low-lying areas would flood because they always do. But, flooding of this magnitude was not expected. Two rivers and a large creek merged and it was the worst flood our town had seen since the early 1900s. Our town was cut off from everywhere else, and our neighborhood was cut off from the rest of town. BUT, our neighborhood did not flood! It was a miracle. Only 5 houses in this town kept power on during the flooding and our home was one of those 5. All five were here in our neighborhood. We could not leave our home for a week due to the only road out of this area was underwater and blocked off. We couldn’t get to grocery stores or anything and there was no access to emergency vehicles if they had been necessary. No one could get in here.

        While we were trapped, we were alive and had no water in the house. The yard was wet, but our home did not flood. It was a miracle. We were so very blessed, our neighborhood, while most of this town was suffering major devastation. They have not recovered and some may never. They lost homes, vehicles, etc. As we understand it, no one in our town died due to the flooding.

        If you’d like to see our area during the flooding, go here to see my husband’s post about it. It includes a video, too. Also, this post has a video from a drone that flew over town.

        We have dealt with the awful smoke from wildfires while living back in SC (the fires were in Tennessee, if I remember correctly) and also here in our county in Texas. This one got as close as 15 miles from our town.

        I felt total peace during the flooding; I just knew we’d be okay. But I don’t remember feeling peaceful during those fires. I have COPD and smoke of any kind causes me great difficulty breathing. The wildfires, especially those back home, made breathing extremely difficult. Still, even with that, we were blessed. We didn’t get burned out like those actually in the areas of the fires.

        Sorry if this comment is too long. I’m not good at long blog posts, but seem to excel at long comments. 🙂

        Have a blessed weekend.

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      2. No need to apologize. I appreciate your comment very much. So many degrees of hardship in a natural disaster…so glad your house was exempt from the worst. I read your husband’s absorbing post as well. All the best to the two of you and your town which I am sure is still recovering.

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      3. Thank you, and thank you for reading David’s post, too.

        Yes, this town is still recovering. They say it is going to be a very long time before this town recovers. But, we are #WhartonStrong and #TexasStrong We WILL recover. 🙂

        Have a blessed day.

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