They’re seeding the clouds

Is it a conspiracy?

They seeded the clouds

with love.

Love has been raining

since dawn quenching

scorched earth cleansing

poisoned minds trickling

hate down sewers

washing away fear

swelling hearts with

courage to join in

generous community,

 knowing we only have

each other.

©2017 Ontheland

My mind and heart battered from contemplating recent actions by the United States government, I avoided a sinkhole and flew to the clouds.  Now as I post this poem, I am weighed down with rage and sadness from knowing that worshipers were gunned down at a Quebec City Mosque on Sunday night.  I am not sure where my opening line came from…but I have decided to leave it…a conspiracy to relieve human distress, hatred, and destruction could be a good thing.

‘Dawn’ is the word for this week’s Quadrille challenge hosted by Björn Rudberg over at dVerse Poets Pub.


A pretty octave played before a window

Beyond whose curtain grows a world crescendo.

–from ‘Overture’ by F.R. Scott


last night I heard you

interviewed on the radio.

You spoke firmly,

no panic in your voice—

my insides clenched

and the host,

I heard her heart skip—

Yes, that was an explosion nearby,

you don’t know how long

you’ll evade death….

Protest you said, demonstrate

demand peace.

©2016 Ontheland


Peace Poem 2016, a chain of over 250 poems by writers from all over the world, is now available for download at Praxis Online Magazine—a wonderful celebration of International Day of Peace. I and many other WordPress bloggers participated this year and I hope many more will join in to speak out for peace in 2017.


image copyright neha 2016 image copyright neha 2016

Hello Everyone!

Michael, Marie and I are so excited to announce that #PoetsForPeace is now LIVE and PUBLISHED in Praxis Magazine Online! We are so grateful to  Laura M Kaminski and Tee Jay Dan, editors at Praxis, for giving us this wonderful opportunity and working tirelessly in helping us get published!

We would especially like to thank all our contributors who helped make this project successful! We could not have done this without you!

You can view and download the publication here:

We are thrilled that this collaboration will also be archived in the ‘Stanford University Archive’ of the ‘100,000 Poets for Change’ collection!

We hope you can all join us next year as we aim to make #PoetsForPeace a growing annual event!

Share and Spread the word with your friends and family! Please use #PoetsForPeace!

Cheers to #PoetsForPeace!

Michael, Marie & Neha

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