As we turn every corner of the Narrow Road to the Deep North, we sometimes stand up unawares to applaud and we sometimes fall flat to resist the agonizing pains we feel in the depths of our hearts. There are also times when we feel like taking to the roads ourselves, seizing the raincoat lying near by, or times when we feel like sitting down till our legs take root, enjoying the scene we picture before our eyes.– Soruyo

Contemplating this quote offered by Suzanne of On the Road and life as I know it, I wrote this tanka:

A life has cycles

as summer falls to winter

a pattern is clear

placidity precedes storm

and chaos ends in rest.


©2017 Ontheland

about a poem


The world is in chaos

(maybe it always was)

it seems more so now

 I don’t even read the newspaper

it’s on the radio

a sideways slide away on my phone

in emails

blogs, podcasts, webcasts, twitter

(I avoid Facebook)

I could go crazy

as I inhale country diesel air

and guiltily sip coffee from a paper cup

(forgot my mug)

 driving home on a balmy autumn day

 88.1 blaring

wild Irish fiddlers, Spanish love lyrics

wild drums, saxophones

(music Soundhound never recognizes)

and then—yet again

I gaze at autumn leaves

scattered around almost barren trees

and have an insane need

to give them words

(are they not just leaves on the ground?)

How to speak of them?

spread out, a shapely expanse

scattered-blown in appliqué

of brown on green–

year end’s iconic encore.

©2016 ontheland