Spring cleaning

murky feelings in a hand-me-down shirt linger as last remnants…there but not there…silenced by practicality and a reluctance to discard…the hand-me-down stays much longer than it should…until I vow to keep essentials only and clothes that whisper joy…I give the shirt away and soon a new top comes bearing longer sleeves and a length that drapes my hips with comfort…and the murky shirt feelings? they fly away like dust in the wind.

Spring cleanup

creating new inner space

for today

©️2018 Ontheland

many paths

There are many places that I have not seen—deserts, volcanoes, inland seas. For some, wandering is the path, a liberation from the familiar. And yet wandering in what is here unveils other dimensions, other paths…a life finds its own journey…spiralling through space, love, passion, meaning…

snug in the earth

leaf and stem dream of fruit

young blueberry bush


©️2018 Ontheland

An extreme haibun (consisting of no more than 55 words) for Carpe Diem #1421 Desert.

The image is offered for public use at Pixabay.com.


Nagging worries

gather and cling

like lint, cat hair, glue

or stain like grease

and spaghetti sauce

I say toss them all —

all those messy details

and annoyances

Like an expert tidier

store only what

makes you happy

(let me know if it works)


©️2018 Ontheland

A quadrille (44-word poem) for dVerse using the word ‘gather’