from year end’s window

I gaze past white frost flowers

small prints mark fresh snow

©2017  Ontheland


This year has been another unique chapter in my blogging journey.  As we approach 2018 I am finally admitting that my main focus here is writing poetry.  If anyone had told me ten years ago that this is what I would be doing and that having readers would be part of the mix I am sure I would have doubted it.  I fully appreciate those who drop by here to read my posts.  My reading of others has also been rewarding—this being a year of profound enjoyment, learning, and discovery.

For today’s haiku Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #1336 was my starting point.  In this episode Chèvrefeuille provides examples of elegance in haiku and a quote by Paulo Coelho:

[…] “Elegance is the correct posture if the writing is to be perfect. It’s the same with life: when all superfluous things have been discarded, we discover simplicity and concentration…” […] (Source: The Witch of Portobello – Paulo Coelho)

white flowers in my hair
I walk through the gate into the deep north
my only gala dress

© Sora (Tr. Chèvrefeuille)

I am also linking to Frank J. Tassone’s Haikai Challenge #14: New Year.




A forest breathes

in wordless meditation

goodness of the sky


©2017 Ontheland

Carpe Diem #1334:

[…] “each morning, when your mind is still empty, devote a little time to the Divine … Inhale deeply and ask for all the blessings in the air to enter your body and fill every cell. Then exhale slowly, projecting happiness and peace around you. Repeat this ten times. You’ll be helping to heal yourself and contributing to healing the world as well”. […] (Source: Aleph by Paulo Coelho)



‘Silent night, holy night’,
composed 200 years ago,
a song of Christmas,
longing for peace and light
cradled by a story
that captivated
a descant soaring,
a gowned choir
draped in white surplices,
angel voices pouring
love into fluted tones,
for an infant and mother,
wrapped in
a vessel
of hope,


candle flame
story of a
winter night


fresh snow
no sleigh bells ring
all is bright


© 2017 Ontheland

Inspired by Chèvrefeuille’s recent prompts, including A choir of angels, and by my connections to the carol, Silent Night, an ‘intangible cultural heritage’.

Christmas stockings — a new Carpe Diem Haiku Kai E-book

Chèvrefeuille has published a new Carpe Diem Haiku Kai E-book called Christmas Stockings.

In this latest e-book Chèvrefeuille compiles haiku contributions by visitors to his website, tastefully mingled with his poetry, reflections, traditional seasonal texts and photos. The publication exemplifies his generosity as a poet, teacher, and facilitator of community sharing.  He gives expression in poetic form (classic and modern) center stage, creating a virtual poetry gathering.

Here is the link to the book’s announcement. Clicking on the link offered there will open the book using the platform.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and thought some of you might too.

winter sprinkles




sifted bright

whiten winter gloom

lift our hearts with sugar and light


©️2017 Ontheland

Lately, forest, field and roadsides around here have been lightly dusted with snow.

This weekend Chevrefeuille of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai challenged us to write a winter themed Fibo-ku—a relative of the haiku in which syllable count is based on the Fibonacci sequence.<<
e photo is courtesy of Pixabay.<<