A murmuration of starlings

fills cloud burdened sky

in a flash performance

Its  speckled phantom shape

twirls, unfurls

dips and turns

over there

now here

and gone

leaving smiles and

windshield signs


The above photo,showing a murmuration of starlings, is from Pixabay.

©2017 Ontheland


In response to a recent Carpe Diem Haiku Kai invitation to write haiku on the theme of dawn using a phrase and fragment:

I am not often up at dawn these days as we are on a later schedule, though morning is the best time to pick lettuce and peas—they’re sweetest then.  I set an alarm to rise early but often postpone picking until next day:

Alarm rings

time to pick lettuce


And, the other evening:

Above traffic hum

hovers twilight serenade 

birds chirp and chatter

©2017 Ontheland



We soar as one










as one we soar.

Squeezed for time, I chose a “Skinny” to join in with dVerse Poets Pub Tuesday Poetics.  Mish invites us to write a poem from the point of view of nature.  I have seen many formations of birds in the sky lately.  Temperatures are still chilly and splotches of snow linger, but the birds are making themselves seen and heard these days.  Thank you to Efraimstochter who donated this bird photo to the public domain.

©2017 Ontheland


Sparrows, pigeons, gulls,

a panoply of feathers,

excitement on high.

Sparrows, pigeons, gulls,

bird-line on hydro wire,

suspense fills the air.

©2016 ontheland

In response to Carpe Diem Special #221, Candy’s Showcase, “promise in red clouds”.  My haiku is inspired by Candy’s ‘flock of black birds’ haiku, one of four beautiful poems featured in this Carpe Diem episode.

Bird bath

Brazilian bird bathing: image courtesy of PIXABAY
Brazilian bird bathing: image courtesy of PIXABAY

Sizzling heat

warm water relief

Sleek bird spa.

I read yesterday that birds appreciate an opportunity to bathe at this time of year, not only to get relief from the heat, but also to spruce up while shedding feathers and acquiring a new look for fall.  Here is the link to the article I read where you’ll find pictures of a molting Cardinal and the three ‘looks’ of an American Goldfinch.

My haiku uses the prompt words ‘sizzle’ and ‘sleek’ for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #108. Please follow the link to find more sizzle/sleek haiku.

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Sparrows on a rainy morning

I like trying to record small moments of wonder in haiku. On May 1st morning I was surprised and delighted to see birds visiting our bird feeder, despite a vigorous rain shower.

Rain showers in sheets,

Sparrows flutter at feeder,

A new day dawning.

May showers,

sparrows flit and feed,

grey clouds lift.

©2016, All rights reserved by Ontheland.wordpress.com