grooming – – haibun

Lately I’ve found a new pastime that is almost addictive. With little snips of blunt-nosed scissors I have been trimming my dog’s hair, enjoying the satisfaction of a slow transformation while nurturing his trust and patience. I don’t have stranger privileges or the physical restraints of a professional groomer. I am one of his parents…each hair is taken with his consent.

under surveillance

falling with each snip

his fine hair



©️2020 Ontheland

bone moon – – haibun

February. Browsing the blog reader I read of snowdrops and daffodils….in other places. Here, the temperature plunges to 20 below and we adjust. By late winter we know well-rehearsed adjustments: we plan departures 10 minutes early to allow time to warmup the car, I toss extra comforters everywhere, and my old ski pants re-report for duty. The trampoline rhythm of hard to soft cold is almost routine.

A significant jolt will come when temperatures stay above 5 degrees and climb higher. Metabolisms, opportunities, and menus will change in ways we may have forgotten since last spring…

bone moon time

we wash blankets and brew tea


to house drones and trickles

the avocado grows its first leaf


©️2020 Ontheland

February moon is sometimes called “Bone moon” due to bone-chilling cold.

Haikai Challenge #126 – – Returning Cold