for Haibun Monday

My hair silvers at the temples and falls out in long white strands. It was brown, then dark dark brown and now…I wonder if my hair is thinning… mother’s hair was always blonde….different shades of blonde…she made sure of that.  And now my plumage changes. What will leave and what will stay?

old robin flies

in late winter grey

white down catches light

©2018 Ontheland



In this haibun I blend a story about hair with my recent sightings of robins.  Reading about these birds I discovered that some robins live five years or more if they survive their first year.  I am fairly certain that the robins in my yard stayed here for the winter, perhaps feasting on the abundant juniper berries. Their signature red breasts and white plumage on throats and under tails brighten up the landscape. The above photo, from Pixabay, is an American Robin.  Many thanks to Bjorn at dVerse for his Haibun Monday prompt: The beauty and the misery of grey.

more about the robins…

Will you believe me when I say how much the number of robins out there excites me…this morning again, even in the snowy rain, they sit in the highest of bare branches. Some fly across to the junipers, their dark needled limbs jumping with busy inhabitants.

fourteen birds sit high

her binoculars see red

snow shrinking below

where she celebrates each sign

those round robins may bear young


©️2018 Ontheland

knots in my hair


My aging head

knotted curls
and tight frizz hedges

stone castle gardens
that fell from air

their dead weight
tears my skull

long silken strands
weaving nests

where birds of every kind
come to rest

some squawk and squall
as tin bells call

but when I dream
of open sky
of timeless places
birds of joy will be my guests


The beautiful painting is the work of artist Catrin Welz-Stein, featured by Lillian at dVerse Poets Pub for Tuesday Poetics.  Catrin Welz-Stein kindly gave permission for her art to be used as inspiration for our writing.  

© 2018 Ontheland