blown in the wind

Carpe Diem’s 6th Crossroads Challenge features two haiku from renowned Japanese writer, Soseki Natsume (1867-1916). My haiku is inspired by both.

Crow on highest branch

untoppled by winter winds

the final leaf

©️2018 Ontheland


Natsume’s haiku:

the crow has flown away:

swaying in the evening sun,

a leafless tree.


over the wintry

forest, winds howl in rage

with no leaves to blow.

© Soseki Natsume

hanging branch

Snow covered treetops

a cherry blossom dreamland

until the branch falls

©️2018 Ontheland


My haiku is a ‘revision’ of this haiku written by 18th century Japanese poet, Yosa Buson:

a branch snaps under snow

waking me from a dream of the cherries

flowering on Yoshino

© Yosa Buson 1716-1784

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #28 Revise that Haiku

Photo of snow trees is from

after the ice storm

It’s been freezing rain forever it seems. Vast puddles behind the house have frozen, melted, and frozen again. The first day of spring was in March and now, in mid-April, winter still lingers having teased us with dramatic reappearances and sudden exits. In the rain I hear birds laugh and chatter. They know spring is here despite her white frozen disguise.  Wielding a shovel to chop soft ice, I chuckle with them.

Ice storm is over
rain rinses snow
in the gutter


©2018 Ontheland

Two kigo prompts helped me create this small haibun:  Haikai Challenge #29: warm (atataka) and Chijitsu: Lingering Day—dVerse Haibun Monday.



to live life with passion and colour to the end of my days…to nurture lightness, curiosity, generosity, playfulness, endeavour…fortunate are those who retain a well of stamina in their elder years…

may a youthful spirit dwell in denial? perhaps, yet to tread nowhere or somewhere in this moment is a choice…a choice to thrive until the end.

a rainbow of light
flames rich autumn splendour—
the sun slips away

©2018 Ontheland

In Carpe Diem #1410 Rainbow, Chevrefeuille asks us to write a short haibun (100 words or less) using this haiku by Issa or a revision of it:

evening’s fall colors –
the rainbow in the valley
fades away

© Kobayashi Issa (1763-1828)

‘Issa’ is a pen-name meaning ‘cup of tea’…the autumn photo is from

Come from away

Shock waves from the September 11 attacks spread far and wide. Gander, a small town in Newfoundland, faced a surprise landing of 38 flights diverted from United States airspace. The musical “Come from Away”, tells their story…how townsfolk sheltered thousands.

when terror sundered heaven
candles in the dark

©2018 Ontheland

Newfoundland and Labrador, a large island in the North Atlantic Ocean, is the easternmost province of Canada. It is nicknamed the “Rock”. I chose to feature this broadway musical “Come from Away” for Carpe Diem #1409 Broadway (extreme haibun). Limiting myself to 55 words or less for this extreme haibun was a challenge.

Below is a performance of “Welcome to the Rock”: