A stroll down Princess Street (continued)

Near the bottom of Princess Street, in shivering twilight, the atmosphere shifts. Warm tendrils of aroma fill the air.

over the crosswalk

a heavenly realm

fresh-baked dough


©️2018 Ontheland

More haiku about aromas in the city can be found today at A Sense of Place: City Sidewalk–smell. I have another olfactory haiku included there (listed alphabetically by first name–janice).

The image of the wood-fired pizza oven is from Pixabay.

winter mountains: haiku

old snow mountains

shrinking in a city lot

last week’s plow


Kingston’s snow mountains have been shrinking since their formation. I was happy yesterday to capture a photo (as I feared they may have melted). This is my response to this week’s Haikai Challenge. The kigo, “winter mountain”, originates from Japan’s snowy peaks, natural wonders that offer a feeling different from these urban heaps.

©️2018 Ontheland

Peter Rabbit: haibun

Illustration of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter (public domain)

Beatrix Potter purists may not approve of 2018’s computer-animated Peter Rabbit film. I enjoyed it.

in winter cold

we gather around

the glowing TV

Human actors (starring Bea and Mr McGregor) interact with animated wildlife, propelled by an upbeat soundtrack, sprinkles of humour and wholesome sentiments.

Peter Rabbit talks

with no taradiddles*

he can admit fault


*word used in the film during a Scrabble game (not to be confused with paradiddle)

©️2018 Ontheland

Cold moon: haiku

We are at the threshold of the new lunar cycle for December—some of its names are ‘Cold Moon’, ‘Long Night Moon’, ‘Moon before Yule’. I wrote a few haiku to mark the occasion:

New Moon

sparks of excitement

in winter air


New Cold Moon

the last lunar cycle

before his birth


Cold Moon

the steady hum

of the furnace


Cold Moon

now autumn is buried

we wait for spring


©️2018 Ontheland