persuasion: a quadrille

Early autumn is gone,

dried leaves scattered,

marigolds dead from frost,

yet, Sun sparkles ochre colours,

pulses from behind grey clouds,

at night, waxing Moon lingers low,

two matches striking,

begging sparks of happiness

from cold bones who mourn

that what has been departs.


©️2018 Ontheland

A quadrille (a 44-word poem) for dVerse Poets Pub using the word ‘early’.

37 thoughts on “persuasion: a quadrille

  1. Janice, I’m watching just such a sun and its ochre colours behind the grey misty clouds this morning… you capture this later autumn beautifully and vividly. The moon the last nights have been stunning, despite the cold I’ve been out to view it, hypnotised!

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      1. Janice, I wasn’t aware of Hunters Moon until you mentioned it, and then a few hours I looked ‘down’ at it from the skies as I flew home to the U.K. It was extraordinary and I felt I’d entered another dimension! Hope you had a good viewing of it and the clouds kept away. 🌑

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  2. Your quadrille glow, Janice! I love the contrast between the dead leaves and marigolds and the sun sparkling ochre from behind grey clouds. The final lines offer some hope for ‘sparks of happiness from cold bones’.

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    1. One of the joys of blogging….tuning into different seasonal patterns… 🙂 One of my struggles has been getting used to reading about buds of spring a bit farther south in the States when the ground is still frozen here in southern Canada.

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      1. ah yes my friend in Calgary mentioned snow last week – what a lovely world we live in! and here on the equator thunderstorms alternate with intense heat.

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