thunder rain

hard dark sky

trees braced motionless

in sewer air

lightning flashes thunder rolls

winds roar in a summer storm


I’ve realized lately that I rarely write about the rain. Then I read ‘Fifty shades of rain’ by Toni Spencer at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads and decided to notice the next rainfall more closely. The storm came tonight. Apparently there are more than 50 words in Japanese for different types of rain.

©️2018 Ontheland

Les Parapluies (Umbrellas)

Photographic reproduction of oil painting by Renoir, 1886, in the public domain

an umbrella sky

scalloped curves of blue

my empty basket

open to the day

It may rain

on our ‘parapluies’

our shelters held in hands

to lift in summer winds

to paint a second heaven

fine brushes of a town

bustling in the open air


©️2018 Ontheland

A quadrille for dVerse’s Quadrille #57: Don’t rain on my parade!

spring rain

I saw hawks and tiny birds out in the rain yesterday…and then I read another poem by Rumi.  I hope my readers are enjoying Rumi month at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai as much as I am! Below, my haiku is followed by an excerpt from the inspirational Rumi poem.

first cold rain of spring

birds soar with forgotten joy

a dreamer awakes

©2018 Ontheland

….The dust of many crumbled cities
settles over us like a forgetful doze,
but we are older than those cities.

We began
as a mineral. We emerged into plant life
and into animal state, and then into being human,
and always we have forgotten our former states,
except in early spring when we slightly recall
being green again.
That’s how a young person turns
toward a teacher. That’s how a baby leans
toward the breast, without knowing the secret
of its desire, yet turning instinctively.

Humankind is being led along an evolving course,
through this migration of intelligences,
and though we seem to be sleeping,
there is an inner wakefulness
that directs the dream,

and that will eventually startle us back
to the truth of who we are.

©Jalaluddin Rumi, from ‘The dream that must be interpreted’ as translated by Coleman Barks