a trend in chaos


I throw open the drapes this cold morning. Local harbingers of spring are out inspecting the yard. I haven’t seen robins for several days. Today they have left high places in the trees…despite gale force winds, snow and freezing temperatures, grubs must be rising to the surface. I peer at the tree next to the house. It’s still grey. I take a photo and enlarge it with my fingers. The bare limbs are knobbly, spears at the tips lead into the light.

counting days…
above shifting shadows
branches look dormant
nothing seems to change
yet spring unfolds.


A haibun for dVerse.

©2018 Ontheland

more about the robins…

Will you believe me when I say how much the number of robins out there excites me…this morning again, even in the snowy rain, they sit in the highest of bare branches. Some fly across to the junipers, their dark needled limbs jumping with busy inhabitants.

fourteen birds sit high

her binoculars see red

snow shrinking below

where she celebrates each sign

those round robins may bear young


©️2018 Ontheland