200 Starlings


200 starlings drop by
in a cloud
that swoops and dives
An aerial ballet
takes over every inch
of the front yard
It’s a convention and
they’re dining on
dried chicory husks
with other delicacies
hidden in the snow
They huddle on the roof,
congregate the road,
then disappear on mass
reappearing seconds later
behind the house
And I, featherless, chatter
by this encounter,
their parallel universe.


©2017 Ontheland


A murmuration of starlings

fills cloud burdened sky

in a flash performance

Its  speckled phantom shape

twirls, unfurls

dips and turns

over there

now here

and gone

leaving smiles and

windshield signs


The above photo,showing a murmuration of starlings, is from Pixabay.

©2017 Ontheland


When entering a sapphire,

sip blue curaçao 

gaze at aquamarine 

night eyes

while humming “Am I blue?”,

In early summer

lounge under azure sky,


to wild indigo sea


lavender and wisteria,

singing your rhapsody

in sweet minor key.


©2017 Ontheland

In response to DVerse Tuesday….Lillian invited us to write a poem of any form including the name of our birthstone.

Moth on the window

Each year you are reborn

and rest on my window.

I peer at your insect features

framed by wooden deck and field.

I wonder if you look 

inside—what do you see

beyond the glass? a human nest,

dappled shades of light, or

undivided infinite?


A response to dVerse Poetics: “Looking Out/Looking In”

©2017 Ontheland