Life’s song may quiver

Dampened by fear, frost and chill–

A true friend stands by.

In response to Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #90:  ‘friend’ & ‘shiver’. (quiver=shiver). To get information about the challenge and  simple haiku writing tips, please click the challenge link.

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World Water Day 2016


Rain shower’s caress

Shimmering play of droplets,

Taken for granted.

Water is a precious commodity used in all aspects of life.  The making of everything we touch involves the use of water somewhere along the way.  I live in a part of the world where we often take rainfall and clean water for granted.   World Water Day is an annual opportunity to consider the importance of water; and to remember that across the world many people live in drought conditions or without clean water nearby.  Approximately 10% of the world’s population lives without access to clean water for drinking and washing.  Only about one-half of the world has tap water at home.

Every year the United Nation’s World Water Day has a special theme–this year it is water and jobs, highlighting how the livelihood of millions of workers depends on a reliable water supply.   For me, the underlying message is constant: our globe’s clean water is a valuable resource to be conserved and protected.

Collecting water at a public well in Nepal
Collecting water in Africa (unknown location)

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The introductory haiku was written in response to Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #89 using the prompt words: ‘shower’ and ‘play’.

Sky gazing


My eyes lift skyward

storm clouds conceal sun designs

trees bask in spring breeze.

In response to Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #88. The prompt words are ‘lift’ and ‘plan’ (design). Please visit the above prompt post to find out how easy it is to join in.  You’ll also find links to a wide variety of haiku using the prompt words.

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Signs of spring


Snow is still on the ground and the official first day of Spring is two weeks away, but today I had the first feeling that spring is really on its way.  I wrote two haiku–the first, after looking out the window to check the weather.  The second continues my thoughts using prompt words from Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #87.

Wet drops drip slowly,
puddles gleam from the driveway,
It’s above zero.

Above zero days,
March shift, a new weather range,
May this trend stand firm.

The prompt words used in the second haiku are  ‘class’ and ‘firm’ (range=class).  The temperature reference is zero degrees Centigrade.

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Ladybug wings–Life flashes–haiku


Sunlight dance
ladybug wings flash
red domes shine


First cry first step first
word first kiss first love last breath
A flash across time. 

Yesterday I had a brief afternoon nap and woke to sunlight flashing in my eyes–my mind wandered to life flashing by and ladybugs who have taken over our washroom. This week’s Ronovan Writes Haiku challenge words (flash and dance) were apparently still hanging out in my subconscious.

If you would like to try writing haiku, the deadline for this challenge is on Sunday at noon, but you could visit Ronovan Writes on Monday morning to discover fresh words for the new week.

Thanks to for the ladybug photo and shooting star photo.

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Late winter dance at the creek


Light flashes sparkle,
Rushing creek gurgles break dance!
Cracking ice dissolves.

In response to Ronovan Writes Weekly  Haiku Challenge #86.  The prompt words are ‘flash’ and ‘dance’. The challenge is open to  everyone who wants to give haiku a try.  Simple instructions and links to other haiku responses await you at the prompt site.

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Morning sunlight through a window


Wrapped snug in soft fleece,
Golden sunlight warms my view,
chickadees flit by.

You may notice that the chickadees flitted too quickly to be caught in the photo. The prompt words are ‘tight’ (snug)  and ‘warm’. Please visit the prompt post to find out how you can join in and to find links to other responses to Ronovan Writes’ Haiku Poetry Challenge #85.