lost and found


lost in the corn fields,
a traffic jam of thoughts
row on row on row

wind turbines chart the sky
unmoved by the passing sun
spun by the breeze

sunset crickets sing
silence as long shadows grow,
a new path appears



The poem is a troiku based on this haiku:

lost in the corn fields
wind turbines chart the sky
sunset crickets sing

The first image is from Pixabay.com and the second is a photo of a calendar page I saved a few years ago.  This is my third and last response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #16.

© 2018 Ontheland



Yogini reaches

to infinite realms

far above and deep below

as a tree

standing half lotus.

Restless dogs sigh

and settle entranced

by soft pencil

strokes that shade

each chakra

drawing out sound

as thread from a skein

weaving a moment of

silent peace.

© 2017 Ontheland

Lately I’ve started coloring as a way of relaxing.  The photo is of my first coloring project shown to provide the context for this Monday quadrille, written using the word ‘sound’ for dVerse Poets Pub.

Not knowing

Worry about nuclear theatre

may be a sign of privilege,

having something to lose.

Jet fumes accent grey yellow sunset sky,

dog nails patter on bare wood floor,

cats sit near guarding opposite directions.

In war zones bombs blitz everyday

death is near, some say they’ve lost all fear,

my distant mind strains to comprehend.

I always wonder about my fur friends,

their reliance on us, not privy to our plans

yet much goes on in sky above and earth below,

down the road and millions of miles away

and I know nothing of it.

Darkness has fallen into steady gnawing and

this human mind calms knowing about

not knowing much at all.

©2017 Ontheland



Drizzle this

Earth peoples dreaming love

and peace finesse to savour,

come drizzle this:

Deep thoughts silently summoned

Rallentando time to wonder

Inner depths rippling glissandi

Zero-carbon electricity buzz

Zephyrs whispering clean techno jazz

Longed for fruits of planning revival

Eros sighs earth songs of pleasure.

©2017 Ontheland

The idea to ‘drizzle’ came from Mish at dVerse Poets Pub who hosted Monday’s Quadrille prompt.