When perfection eludes you and bad things happen

in her precious new van
she backs up
slow, careful, alert
checking each mirror
All of a sudden
reflexes snap
her foot slams
Is it sound or impact?
her brain detects
a sickening crunch
A short iron post has jumped
into her path


This is a quadrille (44-word poem) using the dVerse quadrille word of the week: ‘crunch’….The story is fiction.

©2017 Ontheland

Round Midnight

still awake in

transistor crackle

round midnight




hopscotch fingers


soul heartbeat talk

night owl walk

sliding sounds

sad and bright



narration bending



At dVerse Poets Pub Amaya Engleking invites us to explore jazz poetry.  While writing I listened to several performances of Thelonious Monk and others performing Round Midnight…only two of these are here…



Courage is
to see a problem with no simple answer and
to keep asking,
living with the question
hoping, trusting
in the power of small change,
easings of will
until one day,
those rocks in your shoes
roll aside or
glitter as crushed sand


©2017 Ontheland

A ‘late’ quadrille (poem of 44 words) for dVerse Quadrille #45 — Rock


eerie sound leaks
crackles hearing
scratches unease

gate hinge moves
dry branch wavers
feet tread parquet

a stomach squeaks
wet chickpeas swell
freezer ice shuffles

a realm of dry,
of hidden shifts, some
bespeak dysfunction—

a long haunting
syllable stretched
in a crack— cr-ea-ks

©2017 Ontheland


In response to dVERSE POETS PUB challenge to write a quadrille (44 words) using the word creak.



When morning comes

and light returns,

hope’s feathers may lie still

but hear the wisdom of a child or 

new leader with caring speech,

tromp through cool autumn woods 

or cradle a late seedling—

that feeling of aliveness

(they call it ‘hope’ )

may return


©2017 Ontheland

The new Quadrille word is ‘hope’. To find more poems using hope or hope-formed words, please check ‘Mister Linky’ at the prompt post.