When morning comes

and light returns,

hope’s feathers may lie still

but hear the wisdom of a child or 

new leader with caring speech,

tromp through cool autumn woods 

or cradle a late seedling—

that feeling of aliveness

(they call it ‘hope’ )

may return


©2017 Ontheland

The new Quadrille word is ‘hope’. To find more poems using hope or hope-formed words, please check ‘Mister Linky’ at the prompt post.

evading denotation

(A ) 


not eliminating


looking for that —

that which cannot be named,

it tugs, 

itches, rumbles, 

oozes, clicks, grumbles,

sighs, flickers, etches,

tickles, brushes, stretches …

Evaded generalities

rarely escape




smears, stains

anchors, excavates 

hairy ropes descending,

fibrous starch swelling

to be to be eaten

launching from earth to light



spurts that which

belongs within 


spreads bleeds

firing bewildered 


massacre evil tragedy

terror not terror

guns controlled not controlled 

automatic semi conversion

why what why oh why

this incomprehensibility

named and unnameable


©2017 Ontheland

A recent dVerse Poetics prompt invites us to write poems that play with grammar rules. Paul offers an example from Gertrude Stein’s ‘Tender Buttons’.  I decided to experiment with reducing nouns and relying more on verbs and adverbs as suggested by Stein in her essay on Poetry and Grammar. Current events,  like nouns, are hard to evade.


When entering a sapphire,

sip blue curaçao 

gaze at aquamarine 

night eyes

while humming “Am I blue?”,

In early summer

lounge under azure sky,


to wild indigo sea


lavender and wisteria,

singing your rhapsody

in sweet minor key.


©2017 Ontheland

In response to DVerse Tuesday….Lillian invited us to write a poem of any form including the name of our birthstone.


I glimpsed history

in a cinnamon bun.


cassia, tamale…

millennia murmur

of an evergreen bark

born in tropical lands,

tender quills

traded across oceans, deserts 

for Gods, monarchs and feasts

Today: a stick for hot cider, or brown powder in a spice jar.

©2017 Ontheland

This was a quadrille for dVerse using the word ‘spice’.  For cinnamon, Cinnamomum is the plant genus. Cassia and Tamale are two species names. The photos are offered for public use through Pixabay: cinnamon sticks and spice jars.


How shall

I detain you,

captivate you?

But wait—

is this the question 

I want to ask? or

should I feather

my own words and

hope a fledgling

will take flight?


Today (Tuesday) at dVerse Poet’s Pub Bjorn Rudberg challenges us to write a poem consisting of questions. My first question is inspired by another short but longer poem by Cid Corman.

©2017 Ontheland


I feel your suchness without knowing your name.

I crave to know more, to adorn you with name and story. 

My senses thirst for fractal arrays beyond an idle glance. 

I was born free of words that now tailor my thoughts, clothe my senses.


‘Suchness’ :

“1 :the quality or state of being such :essential or characteristic quality…

2 Buddhism :nameless and characterless reality in its ultimate nature — called also tathata, thusness”


A recent Ontheroad prompt has had me pondering ‘suchness’ and ‘free’ is this week’s theme for quadrilles at dVerse Poets Pub.

©2017 Ontheland


Standing on a crate,

my head 

in a halo of dappled 

vines and fruit,

I think of Jack climbing

a magic beanstalk to the clouds 

where a giant bellowed:

“Fee-fi-fo-fum !”

But up here,

there is nothing amiss

only a brief moment of verdant bliss.


It is Quadrille Monday at dVerse again and the word to be included in our 44-word poem is ‘bliss’. I use the word ‘fruits’ to refer to green beans as technically green beans are fruits and I feel the word conveys a sense of harvest and abundance. The photo below shows the beanstalk (bean vine climbing a bamboo pole) that inspired this poem and to the right, the black crate I stand on to reach the beans at the top. And as a bonus, the photo also shows a visit by my local wild turkey flock. Fortunately the beans were not disturbed as they are surrounded by netting (not visible in the photo.)

©2017 Ontheland