early spring


drama in spring skies—

biblical rays from heaven,

piercing skylark calls


This February afternoon scene behind my house is embellished by skylark calls in response to Frank J Tassone’s recent Haikai Challenge. Skylarks are native to Europe and Asia and are well-known inhabitants of the English language.  In North America we have horned larks living in dirt fields, shorelines and tundra.

This YouTube video features skylark sounds:

©2018 Ontheland

18 thoughts on “early spring

    1. We have ice and snow too 🙂 However it is still early spring if you consider the changing sunlight…brighter and longer hours…I never thought of it this way before but it helps me to feel spring’s emergence this way…counteracts my impatience with up and down temperatures.

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      1. I always look forward to the winter solstice for just that reason… longer days. But with all our ice and freezing temps I just can’t imagine spring yet. Maybe if I saw some bulbs breaking ground 🙂

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