a pause – – haiku

a pause

after the thaw

withered curls of grass

. .

©️2019 Ontheland

7 thoughts on “a pause – – haiku

  1. Yeah. You people down south. Here in the mountains of Vermont it’s January again. Trees and evergreens layered in white, the patches of grass disappearing, the snow plows rumbling by.

    a pause
    after the thaw—
    winter resumes

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    1. Ha! Winter could resume here but hopefully not. I always say it could snow in May because I’ve seen it happen, but I’m hoping we’ll stay above zero for a while (during the day at least). Are you North of us? Your elevation is certainly higher and the proximity of Lake Ontario may modulate temperatures a bit around here. I’m at roughly 44.2 degrees North… it would be a pleasant change to be a ‘southerner’ (in relation to an American neighbour) 😉


      1. We’re getting 5 to 8 inches of snow today. It’s a slow blizzard right now. I’m at 43.8, roughly which, according to winter, makes me much further north….


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