A meandering stream–Weekly Photo Challenge: ‘Curve’


Shaded stream,

slowly meanders,


I took my first photo of this section of Millhaven Creek last winter.  What a transformation from whites, blacks, and greys to this lush green stream.  Last time, I took my shots from the car, as the bridge is narrow and it was icy.  A few days ago I walked to the bridge and took photos standing at the railing.

The theme of this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is curves.  The stream winds subtly, its curves most distinct when your eye follows the left bank.

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7 thoughts on “A meandering stream–Weekly Photo Challenge: ‘Curve’

  1. We had a similar experience recently when we went to lunch recently at a restaurant near a creek. My husband and I had been there early in the spring, and most of the trees were still bare. When we went recently everything was green and lush like this.

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