Breath of fresh air–Ronovan’s Challenge #78–


Clear, repair, let go
Vast clutter of year gone by
Feel breath of fresh air.

I’m on a roll this week with Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge.  The prompt words ‘vast’ and ‘clear’ bring up many images and themes. In this haiku I was thinking about the clutter that built up in my home over summer and fall, when my focus was outdoors.  Now it is winter time, I am contemplating cleaning up inside the house.  (I’ve been contemplating for a while now.)

When  I first drafted a haiku about my clutter, the theme was ‘letting go’,  but I decided to revise that.   Much of my buildup is of items I intend to repair–I don’t believe in tossing things out when they can be fixed.  In this department there are many blankets and toys that the dogs have chewed and ripped.  The second largest clutter category is my red onion harvest, dried herbs, and all sorts of gardening supplies.  These need to be put away and organized so I can have a clean space to plant seedlings for planting outdoors in the spring.


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