Vast opportunities–Ronovan’s Challenge #78


This is my final offering for Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge.  The prompts are ‘vast’ and ‘clear’.  It’s been quite a week of  mind and closet clearing; and today, I’m going to broach list clearing.  There are a few ways of clearing ‘To Do’ lists, such as re-scheduling tasks for a later date;  getting things done and checking them off; or simply deleting or ripping them up.  I find the last approach quite satisfying.  Or, have you ever felt bored, with no shortage of things you feel you ‘should’ do, recorded on a mental list?  Deleting  ‘shoulds’ can open up a day in a whole new way.  These are my haiku:

clearing to do lists
for new adventures
waiting in the wings

lists deleted
new opportunities
spark my excitement

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14 thoughts on “Vast opportunities–Ronovan’s Challenge #78

    1. Yes I can relate to that lazy restlessness. My problem is that the more I latch on to activities I enjoy, such as blogging and gardening, certain chores become almost painfully mundane. Oh well 🙂


  1. I am in a phase of life in which I am realizing that things I have done for decades, maybe, I just don’t want to do anymore. What a thought, I can just stop and tear up those lists! I am finding it really freeing. So I love these haikus, they went right to the heart of the matter.

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