Bridge of Change: Ronovan’s Challenge #60: Bridge & Move

Haiku by, 2015, all rights reserved.

destiny unknown

bridge spans uncharted waters

to a new world.


This is a second haiku from me using the RonovanWrites  prompt words: ‘bridge’ and ‘move’ (‘travel’ as a variation).  This  evening I was exploring apps for formatting quotes, thinking about using more quotes in the future, and presenting them framed on backgrounds as I am seeing on other blogs. (As I have noted in my sidebar, I am a monkey according to the Chinese horoscope).  Well, there I was at, experimenting to see how it worked and lo and behold, one of the background templates was a bridge–so that got me going, writing another haiku.

To date my haiku challenge entries have been written before reading the creations of others. This poem came after and I am hoping the image hasn’t been used by someone else.  I admired the haiku I have read so far so I know my imagination has been influenced. However, the poem above went through many variations, including ones abandoning the second prompt (yep, I might have). This current, and probably final version conveys the aspects of Change that I was trying to capture.

I had already been thinking about Change–on a personal level, how the road or bridge to a different situation is not always clear–and if you do take a leap you don’t necessarily know what the journey will be like or where you’ll end up. Similarly, how on a humanity level, scientists are getting messages from nature that we humans need to change our way of living or face serious planetary changes. More and more of us are convinced that change is required–in fact massive changes are taking place–yet nobody at this stage can say how it  all will turn out and whether we will manage to do enough soon enough: unknown path and unknown destiny.

To read more haiku using the prompt words “Bridge” and “Move”, use this link to visit   RonovanWrites.  Ronovan offers an opening haiku and explains how to participate; links to haiku contributions may be found in the Comments section.  Highly recommended.

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