Ronovan’s Prompt #60: Bridge & Move


when illness arrives

moving mountains reveal a bridge 

to meaningful life.


When illness arrives mountains move to reveal bridge.

Mountains move to reveal bridge to meaningful life.

I can happily say that I have been cancer-free since 2009 when my thyroid was removed. The before and after experiences have influenced me to value the present moment and quality of life more, and  to spend less time doing things I don’t find meaningful.  While perhaps spiritual mountains didn’t move for me as suggested in the haiku, some people do experience this level of enlightenment when faced with a major health concern. So, the poem is rooted in both my personal experience and  my awareness of what has gone on for others.

To read more haiku using the prompt words “Bridge” and “Move”, use this link to visit   RonovanWrites.  Ronovan offers an opening haiku and explains how to participate; links to haiku contributions may be found in the Comments section.  Enjoy!

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11 thoughts on “Ronovan’s Prompt #60: Bridge & Move

    1. I don’t think I’ve been reblogged before. Thanks for that and for making me aware of Covey View–an interesting idea. I am now a follower as it looks like a good way to resavour what I’ve read and to discover posts I’ve missed.


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