marsh blossoms – – haiku

marsh blossoms

lighting up the morning

willow boughs

©️2022 Ontheland

5 thoughts on “marsh blossoms – – haiku

  1. I really like this haiku. Marsh blossoms? A new kigo? There is a new spring kigo contest going on now. You might want to check it out, Janice. It’s run by Al Peat and submissions are open until May 20th (for what it is worth). ~nan

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    1. Hi Nan…an accidental send of my previous fragment before I was finished. The kigo contest is interesting and the kigo winning in the last round were amazing! For me to offer marsh blossoms as a kigo I’d want to have a broader range of experience with them. My encounters with these catkins has been along the road where I live where I have been walking more lately. The marshy area that I pass is quite exciting with mysterious sounds of birds, frogs and ?? and new growth on a variety of shrubs. Cheers! Janice

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  2. Janice,
    Your marshy area looks pretty decent with lots of haiku moment potential. Maybe with a few more, you’ll feel more comfortable with the idea of submitting to this contest. I think the group plans on coming up with contests for each season.
    I deal with catkins on our birch tree and I have used them as kigo “dangling catkins” several years ago, but some people weren’t aware what they were (or called). Having said that, I still think marsh blossoms has real potential as a spring kigo, but I can understand your reluctance. I will probably submit one, but my haiku are never quite up to the kigo itself. All my best, Nan


    1. Hi Nan,
      Thank you for your encouragement re getting involved in the kigo event/project. I didn’t fully realize myself that catkins are flower clusters until I took an interest in the catkins of pussy willows and other kinds of dangling catkins I saw in the marsh and once I realized what they were and that there were so many t I called them marsh blossoms…whether people who haven’t seen this will relate is a question. There is shared location and also shared awareness…you have definitely heightened my interest in this project and stirred up questions… 🙂


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