The pin

My mother

was not one for symbols

poetry, flowers, song

Life was survival

drawing within the lines


avoiding illness, death, disgrace

She loved in a quiet way

I love you, not said

was to be understood

shown in service

in food prepared

in time given

in a kiss goodnight…

She offered her token

with shyness

surprised to discover

it would be treasured

(did I not show my love?)

an ornate but simple pin

of her mother’s mother, Catherine

C Mc K,

entwined initials

of a mother who died young,

a connection in my hands to

to touch

to wander with

into invisible realms.


Inspired by dVerse Tuesday Poetics: Threads of Feeling

28 thoughts on “The pin

  1. Janice, this is a beautiful poem describing your mother’s love for you
    and your dawning understanding of her way of singing a love song.
    Then this precious pin that connects her with you ….along with memories
    forever there.

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  2. I like this because of its humanity. There is no necessity to be forever saying—I love you. It’s something that has to be shown, not mouthed. That slinging around of ‘love you’s makes me curl up, to be honest. It’s often completely vacuous. Your mother had it right. Lovely poem, Janice.

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