I feel your suchness without knowing your name.

I crave to know more, to adorn you with name and story. 

My senses thirst for fractal arrays beyond an idle glance. 

I was born free of words that now tailor my thoughts, clothe my senses.


‘Suchness’ :

“1 :the quality or state of being such :essential or characteristic quality…

2 Buddhism :nameless and characterless reality in its ultimate nature — called also tathata, thusness”

A recent Ontheroad prompt has had me pondering ‘suchness’ and ‘free’ is this week’s theme for quadrilles at dVerse Poets Pub.

©2017 Ontheland

32 thoughts on “Suchness

    1. Thanks Suzanne for your comment and post on suchness…. no Haiku for it yet…it certainly intrigued me…I find myself bouncing between a yearning for some kind of suchness experience and questioning what that might be or not be … in words and beyond words

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      1. You could call your piece a haibun 🙂 I’ve come across several haibun by Basho that don’t have haiku at the end. I think I will use one as inspiration for my next post. As for suchness – it is such an elusive concept I struggled with putting it into words too.

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