Fruitful colours


Sometimes sour lemon

squeezes my veins and tight

circus ropes cramp my smile—

but only for a while.


Some days orange moments

come, a safer zest—then

I wear an orange vest

 and blow a saxophone.


Some nights sweet mango juice

runs moist rivulets to

strawberry fields where red

electric dance pulses.


Some mornings a grape-red

kaleidoscope of blue—

dark-eyed pips pop from flesh

pushing my pen to write.

©2017 Ontheland

12 thoughts on “Fruitful colours

    1. An interesting observation about chakra colours…green would be one not present in the poem… I have a great affinity to green as a colour (as well as concept)….I guess no strong feeling or memory place popped out in green while contemplating fruit (it’s intriguing to consider the variety of associations with fruits and colours that different people have)

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