They’re seeding the clouds

Is it a conspiracy?

They seeded the clouds

with love.

Love has been raining

since dawn quenching

scorched earth cleansing

poisoned minds trickling

hate down sewers

washing away fear

swelling hearts with

courage to join in

generous community,

 knowing we only have

each other.

©2017 Ontheland

My mind and heart battered from contemplating recent actions by the United States government, I avoided a sinkhole and flew to the clouds.  Now as I post this poem, I am weighed down with rage and sadness from knowing that worshipers were gunned down at a Quebec City Mosque on Sunday night.  I am not sure where my opening line came from…but I have decided to leave it…a conspiracy to relieve human distress, hatred, and destruction could be a good thing.

‘Dawn’ is the word for this week’s Quadrille challenge hosted by Björn Rudberg over at dVerse Poets Pub.

43 thoughts on “They’re seeding the clouds

  1. It’s hard to know what really motivates these killers. Not idealism as we know it. Their one shot at immortality maybe. The world seems to be full of them anyway, and the evil they feed on comes from all sides.

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  2. These are indeed sad times, Janice, and it would be wonderful if we could seed the clouds with love, as we do in our poetry. Those fresh, rainy words are so effective: quenching, cleansing and trickling, and that’s a great image of hate being washed into the sewers. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of muck and nastiness in the sewers and it seems to always find a way out. Thankfully, there is also goodness in people and there are generous communities around the world. We have one here.

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    1. Yes it’s more important than ever to appreciate and connect in these alienating (ed) times. I like your ecological approach…muck in sewers doesn’t just magically disappear…nor does the darkness in us as individuals and as a society … choosing caring, kindness, generosity…and so on.. we all need to keep working on this.

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  3. I am right there with you! I found a web site to do 5 things every day – just joined. I consider my writing and reading poetry as on thing to keep humanity alive — as small as I am in the scheme of things. “They seeded the clouds with love.”

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    1. The tragedy hopefully will promote thought and education. Unfortunately the whole mess of ignorance, fear, and resentments that it represents is worldwide and recently fanned by the ‘leadership’ in the States. Let’s hope for peace everywhere.

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  4. sMiLes.. my friEnd
    sadly no one believed
    in the power of seeding ignorance..
    a dawn of
    hated words
    as choirs fall
    to daRk.. and sure..
    Love comes from dARk..
    sAdly the torch went out
    and gladly of course flames return..
    Love wins when love stays or returns..:)

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    1. I can only imagine what it would be like to be a non-Trump voter these days. I’ve lived through a Canadian Prime Minister who I strongly didn’t support but Trump is worse. From what I’ve seen, some people are becoming more politically active to stand for what they believe in…

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