Troubled mind


Sometimes life wheels grind and strain my tenacity,

Lost in clouds my troubled mind grasps for sanity.


Are my heartfelt words enough or excess chatter?

Even minor rebuff shakes my strained sanity.


I trundle on, an inner GPS is my guide

sending me back along a path to sanity.


Enjoy moments, release selfish concerns, allow

it all to float away–then I’ll find sanity.


No formula cures a restless spirit more than

love, giving love, our foundation, our sanity.


∼  ∼  ∼  ∼ ∼

The ghazal is an ancient form of Arabic poetry originating in the 7th or 8th century.  Centuries later, English writers experimented with the form using free verse and recently, favoring uniform measures and use of rhyme.  When Jane Dougherty invited us to write a ghazal this week I hesitated, but after stumbling on a fascinating article about the form I realized that I wanted to make an attempt.

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16 thoughts on “Troubled mind

  1. Thanks for educating me on this style of poetry. I really enjoyed reading it

    As for the poem itself, this line particularly struck me;

    ‘Even minor rebuff shakes my strained sanity’

    I am hypersensitive, so even something as small as a change in someone’s expression or their voice inflection is enough to stoke the fires of my depression.

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    1. Thanks for your feedback about the line…and as a sensitive person myself I ‘m thinking at this moment that the word ‘minor’ is loaded –what is minor to one person is absolutely not to another.

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  2. Janice, well done for tackling this form of poetry; your poem is very evocative and I love how you mingle this ancient format with modern gizmos! Interesting article and I was particularly fascinated by Goethe’s use of the form as I studied his work at university – but missed this piece of knowledge!

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    1. Thanks Merril. It is interesting. It may be sort of like haiku where there are different communities or schools of thought with their own collection of conventions. One aspect that I find fascinating is the idea that each couplet stand as its own thought as well as fit into the whole in some way such as emotion or theme.

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