Microscopic symbiosis


Near and far there are tiny creatures
who we inhale, touch, and chew, 
They bear invisible features, 
unseen yeast and bacteria 

Who we inhale,touch,and chew
blissfully unaware, living with
unseen yeast and bacteria, 
vibrant life thriving everywhere. 

Blissfully unaware, living with
microbes populating our bodies 
vibrant life thriving everywhere, 
a symbiotic community.  

Microbes populating our bodies, 
dancing give-and-take survival, 
a symbiotic community, 
Part of a massive biosphere. 

Dancing give-and-take survival, 
dates back to when life first began, 
part of a massive biosphere, 
billions of years in the making. 

Dates back to when life first began, 
near and far there are tiny creatures, 
billions of years in the making, 
unseen yeast and bacteria.


I’ve been reading about the Gaia hypothesis (living earth theory) and the role of symbiosis in evolution. This poem touches on these themes. The form is a Pantoum in response to this week’s Jane Dougherty Poetry Challenge (#21).  The pictures show bacteria, courtesy of Pixabay.com (click for top photo and bottom photo).

©2016, All rights reserved by Ontheland.wordpress.com

16 thoughts on “Microscopic symbiosis

    1. Yes there is much talk about microbes these days–having enough in numbers and diversity for digestion. Just touching on that topic and considering how science would figure all that out is mind boggling.

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  1. Love this. I recently read a bit on the Gaia hypothesis too and was having similar thoughts! It’s crazy how important or insignificant things can seem when you change your perspective.

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