Evening tweets—RonovanWrites Challenge #81

Public domain photo courtesy of Pixabay.com
Public domain photo courtesy of Pixabay.com

Lately I’ve noticed clouds of tiny birds swooping in fluid formations. This week’s prompt words from RonovanWrites, ‘trill’ and ‘final’, inspired this haiku:

birds swoop and trill 
sun splashes 
across evening sky

Have you ever heard the sounds of bird chatter emanating from a tree or bush?  Here is a 3-5-3 haiku incorporating this experience:

clouds ripple
in sun’s final glow
cedars trill

Many thanks to Ronovan for this week’s prompts.  Please visit his blog at the link above–to find information about writing haiku and links to more poems written for this week’s challenge.  Enjoy!

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17 thoughts on “Evening tweets—RonovanWrites Challenge #81

    1. Thanks Denis. One scene I would never be able to capture on my iPhone is a swooping cloud of tiny birds — but the picture I found hints at that and also shows a setting sun–so it worked 🙂


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