November Sunset by Lake—Weekly Photo Challenge

In response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: “Transition”.

Sunset by Lake Ontario in November

These days, in southeastern Ontario, sunset arrives at 4:30 PM.  Our Daily Post Challenge host, Jen H., suggested several transition themes, some of which showed up in this picture taken 9 days ago:  day yielding to night, waves lapping onto a shore, a rocky shoreline tumbling into water, and a barren tree waiting for winter.

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23 thoughts on “November Sunset by Lake—Weekly Photo Challenge

    1. Yes, the rocks in the dusk really gave a chilly feel–it was chilly–I have been wearing a lightweight winter coat for a while now –first to keep out the damp cold and now, the frosty feel.


    1. Yes daylight is being squeezed into about 9 hours here..we have daylight ‘savings’ time. I don’t know if you do? The clocks went back one hour in October to help us get up earlier in the morning I guess.


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