When you fall, stand up

In response to Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge Survival theme I offer advice and a poem, followed by words from Neil Gaiman and Bryant McGill.

When-you-fall-stand-up quote by me


My advice, “When you fall, stand up and know that you are human”, applies to mistakes and blunders large and small.  There is a place for responsibility, remorse, and taking steps to avoid repetition, but my message today is about self-forgiveness rooted in humility. Just as we might forgive another person without forgetting a wrong, we can forgive ourselves for past mistakes. In order to live and thrive we need to move beyond self-condemnation:

I tripped,

fell, and looked up

stars flickered forgiveness,

and purred, ‘fallibility is


not fundamentally good or bad Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman ‘is an English author of short fiction, novels, comic books, graphic novels, audio theatre and films.’

When-you-accept fallibility Bryant McGill

‘When you accept fallibility within yourself you become more perfect.’  Bryant McGill ‘is an American author, aphorist, speaker, and activist in the fields of self-development, personal freedom, and human rights.’

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Want or need?

Armaments-universal-debt quote huxley.jpg
In boardrooms
In legislative corridors
Hiding in ivory towers
Smiling from promo game prizes
Promising health, pushing toxins
Lurking in virtual spaces 
Grasping gadgets
(Obsolete in a year)
Insatiable want.
consumerism quote 1.jpg
Feelings of lack
Need, scarcity 
Memories passed on
from past generations
Need became wanting
more, more, more
Shopping, discarding 
Shopping, discarding
Repair and durability,
Simplicity and frugality,
faint quaint memories.
Were-consumers-We-are quote.jpg
Famous role models
prestigious beauty stars 
As close as a finger tap
All day, all night
Ads everywhere
absorbing through hungry pores
Tickling, entertaining
NEW, better, faster
‘All natural’, ‘Green’
Descriptors unquestioned
Plastic bottles in spiral pink
Shrink-wrapped delicacies
Vacuum-sealed scissors
Waterproof cardboard, 
Recycle arrows appease 
flickering consciences,
sooth doubting whispers:
A-shopping-cart-flipped kintz quote.jpg
Published in  1962, Island was Aldous Huxley’s last novel ; Chuck Palahniuk is a contemporary American author; and Jarod Kintz is a contemporary American author known for his humour. I discovered these quotes on Goodreads.
This is a Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge post hosted this week by Ronovan Hester.  The optional theme is ‘trust’, touched on indirectly by my consumerism theme (or perhaps the ‘touch’ is on mistrust or overtrusting?).
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