Rainbow streak


I saw a rare sight today–it looked like a piece of rainbow descending from the clouds.  My photo didn’t quite capture the rainbow effect–so please enhance it with your imagination.  I wrote a few haiku to record my experience.

Winter clouds shiver,
Sudden rainbow rays of light
kiss yearning branches.

Rainbow streak descends,
cuts blue skyway between clouds,
Barren trees reach up.

Refracted light shoots,
past layers of grey-brushed cotton,
An afternoon smile.

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Weight(less)–Weekly Photo Challenge

Ben Huberman, this week’s host of the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge, gave us this prompt:

This week, share a photo of something marked by its weight — or its air of weightlessness. Show us gravity at its most unforgiving, or most generous.

Nature cooperated on Monday night by providing a flash freeze after heavy rainfall, and a snow flurry on Tuesday morning.  The first two photos show feathery snowflakes falling from the sky, and the third photo shows what happened when the weight of my boot contacted the fresh ice–not strong enough for skating!




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