sleet – – tanka

My return from Toronto is almost doubled in time by rush hour traffic. I consider how so many people contend with this every day.


sleet splashing

an endless line of traffic

winding past daffodils

my wandering mind

on a short leash


©️2019 Ontheland

on the highway

Yesterday I was driving on the 401 to and from Toronto—it was no picnic, in sweltering heat and hours of bumper to bumper traffic crawling next to lines of towering trucks. There were pleasant moments—beyond nibbling buns from a Chinese bakery. Squirrels were everywhere at the downtown park…one boldly snacked in the middle of the roadway…too tame for its own good.

On the highway I contemplated leafy canopies of deciduous trees.

September treetops

leaves slowly changing colour

like my hair


©️2018 Ontheland