Renga with Basho Hineri #8

This 8th episode of Carpe Diem’s Renga with Basho features six of Basho’s haiku, as translated by Jane Reichhold, including one that was unfinished—I have completed the first haiku by adding a third line. Basho’s writings are shown in boldface type and my additions are in regular type (hopefully the Reader does not alter this).


missing a wife

putting on bamboo grass

I step out the door


into the blazing sunlight

a dusty road before me


above all else

a dependable chinquapin tree stands

in a summer grove


shade welcomes wanderers

a place of rest for weary feet


path of the sun

the hollyhock leans into

early summer rain


another cool blessing

I lower my grateful head


each with its own light

fireflies in the trees

lodge in flowers


no darkness this summer night

my way well-lit from above


a dragonfly

unable to settle

on the grass


wherever I am is home

until the wind calls my name


an early winter shower

a rice paddy with new stubble

darkens just a bit


this bamboo hat keeps me dry

as winter wind nips my cheeks


©️Matsuo Basho haiku shown in boldface type (taken from Basho, The Complete Haiku by Jane Reichhold)

©️2018 Ontheland