pandemonium – – haibun

pandemonium . . .

the curve is rising

a curve is falling

lives counted as numbers

as open graves

two metres down

or between us

casting blame

before it’s over

when we need

more testing

more research

more PPE . . .

stay home

make a mask

find inner calm


how soon

the full moon departs

into darkness


©️2020 Ontheland

last quarter moon – – haibun

last quarter moon

COVID 19. Have we reached the peak or is it yet to come? Once the daily number of casualties fall, how much safer will we be to return to our former world? Who will be first to venture out…to join those who, persuaded by dedication, need, or lack of options, did not isolate.


half gone moon

in the morning sun

swollen ash buds


©️2020 Ontheland