In the sunlight, a troiku

in the sunlight

grass crackles underfoot

purple stems shimmer


in the sunlight

tropical herbs rejoice

basil leaves thicken


grass crackles underfoot

long-rooted vines flash yellow

moisture found deep below


purple stems shimmer

the wild palette of summer

transformed in sunlight


©2018 Ontheland

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #40 Troiku Challenge “a distant mountain”


Perennial: ‘lasting for a long time’

Sometimes a long time

feels like forever

and then we forget

about the conditions

that perpetuate.

Right soil


gentle winds, ample sun

friendly fauna,

attention and effort

to support, to protect

knowing that

what appears


may die and not return.

©2017 Ontheland





Shaggy dots form fields of yellow

deny demands for endless green,

a golden roar of dandelions,

feline furor with roots down deep.

House cat watches with willful eyes,

trails of fur grace sink and range,

at three o’clock shrill mews remind us

dinner bowls must be filled by six.

While humans would define the world

other forces appear in command.

How can I say the cat is stubborn

when here I stand mirror in hand.


©2017 Ontheland


There is no schedule

no dress code

ever-greens, still-greens

crinkly browns and riot reds

all inhabit this autumn world—

half-dressed under-dressed


full leaf skirts

bare tops show lines and gnarls

limbs of all shapes etch sky,

naked along roadways

on top of hills

elegance across and below.


In whimsical mind

I ponder



©2016, Ontheland


Words take flight


Thunderous waters splash and tumble,

cedars soar above jagged rock,

heartsong ripples, soft feet tread.


Red-tailed hawks chase the sun,

busy spiders trail silken strands,

thunderous waters splash and tumble.


Ferns sparkle under forest tresses,

ancient gnarled roots embrace,

cedars soar above jagged rock.


Wonder multiplies with abandon,

water, sun, shimmering cascades,

heartsong ripples, soft feet tread.

The painting reproduction entitled ‘Silence’, provided by Jane Dougherty as a  poetry prompt, reminds me of the temperate rainforest in British Columbia.  The challenge this week was to write a Cascade poem using the painting and the following words for inspiration: Cascade, Tresses, Eagle, Abandon, Rippling.

©2016, All rights reserved by