silk moth – – haibun

The sliding door is open, letting in the cool breeze. I pull a cotton hoodie over my head and yawn into the silence…a time to write perhaps. The world is in an uproar about the virus, about racial oppression, violence, hate, fear, poverty, injustice … … and I am tired this morning, bruised from a fall in the garden and dulled by a list of things to do jamming inside my head.

silk moth

on the window screen

are you injured or

simply still

until you fly?



©️2020 Ontheland

P.S. I believe my visitor was a Cecropia moth, a type of giant silk moth.



  white moth                      white moth flutters
    a fleeting visitor              ephemeral 
      to this meadow                   as am I

                 white moth
                   in a splash of sunlight---
                     who else has passed this way?

Inspired by a moment of perception and thought, I wrote the first haiku.  Then I wrote two more looking for other words to bring readers closer to where I was.  I was thinking of Chèvrefeuille’s invitation to write and then consider possible meanings a reader might take away. This process might have resulted in my choosing one favourite wording, but in this case I liked something about each haiku.  This is my second response to Carpe Diem Writing and Enjoying Haiku #4.  (Best way to read this post on a phone is to turn the phone sideways.)


©2017 Ontheland