Three seasons

Yesterday afternoon I went down to the lake for a brief walk—it was -9° C but the sparkling sun called me.  I wrote a short poem and took a few photos:

Three seasons converge—

On dusted glass gems

smooth branch shadows lean

over brown leaf scatter

as faithful spring buds swell.






Lakeside properties


A grand waterway, our inland sea

ice sheets nudging rolling waves glimpsed

fleetingly from the highway

lined by steep guardrailed cliffs

miles of private homes

and a small park.

Don’t miss it

as you




for ‘Lakeside’,

the new ‘Village’.

It’s on Roadway Six,

that goes down to the lake,

to the old lakeside highway.

No sign of lake near your new home?

Stroll to the Six and look down the hill.



The Tuesday theme at dverse Poets Pub is Suburbia.  On the way home today I decided to join two themes that baffle me.  The first one is the inaccessibility of major rivers and lakes that are bordered by high speed roadways or taken over by private ownership.  No wonder so many people don’t appreciate our beautiful waterways as they are blocked and concealed by private interests.  The second theme is my sardonic disbelief every time I see this new housing development called ‘Lakeside Village’.  These homes are in the general area of Lake Ontario, but are not lakeside as there is a major stretch of distance (with no sidewalk), a highway, and other private properties in between.

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Seagulls–Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge


Drifting by the shore

as if enchanted, gliding

gulls, flashing whitecaps.


Sky magic sparkles,

Gulls soar and glide on the wind,

capturing sunlight.


Haiku inspired by gulls showing off by Lake Ontario and Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #97.   The prompt words are Magic (enchanted) and Glimmer (sparkles, flashing).

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Snow Season—Weekly Photo Challenge

In response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: ‘Seasons’.

For the last three days I have been shovelling–first there was the front walkway and driveway so we could go to town.  Then I had to move huge mounds of snow from the back deck and drainage pipes all around the house. This will not be news to regular readers, as my last post focussed on my experience shovelling 2 to 3-foot snow drifts. Tuesday’s blizzard also brought sub-zero temperatures.  Lake Ontario is finally frozen:



To walk around the perimeter of my house, I wore snowshoes.  This way I sank only one foot down instead of several feet.  This picture shows my snowshoe trail down to the buried compost bin, and the next shows my snowshoes.




Finally, I would like to share the hidden beauty of the light blue glow from deep snow holes and crevices.


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Second takes for weekly photo challenge

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.”

— Oscar Wilde

The Daily Post Photo Challenge this week is an interesting one:

Artists are inspired by and capture the world around us: sculptors immortalize people with statues; painters record events in their masterpieces. What about the other way around? For this week’s theme, find inspiration in a piece of art, and go further: imitate it. Here are some ideas:

  • Reenact a painting. …
  • Take a new version of one of your photos. Re-create your own work. Same subject, same scene, same angle. (In your post, show or link to the original one!)
  • Imitate a sculpture, …


Today I ventured out in minus 20 degrees C, without tech gloves, and tried to recreate the scenes in earlier photos.  The results are far from ‘perfect’, but the process was fun and something I will undoubtedly try again. These are the two previously posted pictures that inspired today’s photo shoot:


Following are the two ‘imitations’ (not quite) that I took on February 13, 2016:





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Winter horizon–Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #78–Haiku #2


vast open expanse,
clears my mind.

This is a second haiku in response to Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #78, his first haiku challenge posted in 2016.  The inspiring prompt words were ‘vast’ and ‘clear’.   For more responses to the challenge, please visit the Comments section at the link above, and perhaps drop by here again for more #78  responses from me.

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