Be a Helper and Rise

If you are like me you may be struggling under the weight of the United States Election results. These words from Merril D. Smith offer humour, hope, and determination to continue being the world we believe in.

Yesterday and today: Merril's historical musings


By KUHT [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

So the election has taken place, and the orange creature has been elected. HRC and President Obama reminded us of the rule of law in their gracious speeches. They reminded us to go high when DT has run a campaign based on lies and hatred, a campaign that has consistently gone low. They have been gracious in defeat, even though DT threatened not to accept the election results, if the vote had gone the other way. We’ve had eight years of class, intelligence, and caring, and it will take time to accept that many of my fellow Americans have chosen the opposite. It does not help when I see a ranting post by a Trump supporter (filled with factual and grammatical errors) saying everyone who voted for HRC should be put in jail. It only makes me think that I was correct in my…

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When there is hope

A patient kitten

waiting next to his feed bowl

has reason for hope

confirmed by experience,

love’s presence felt in absence.

This is perhaps not a traditional approach to a tanka poem, but these are the thoughts that came to mind as I contemplated ‘hope’ and ‘wait’ for Silver’s Weekly Tanka Challenge #3.





In cool forest shade,

Steps away from hot pavement,

I gaze up, pause, hope.

Yesterday I was drawn to stop on a county road to search for purple flowers that I have been seeing along roadways.  The coolness was a pleasant relief–though the ground was bone dry and there were signs of dead leaves and grass starved for moisture.  I love looking up into a forest canopy dappled by sunlight.  So I directed my camera upwards to share the experience.

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #109: hope & up

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Fresh hope unwinds


Every spring fresh hope unwinds
aromas soft and verdant tones
caressed by breezes gently blown.

Downy branches above entwined
boast tawny lace and feather brush
display of life's relentless crush.

Hungry birds peck morsels of rind
Ants rush in to gather and feed
Meanwhile furry mold tendrils breed.

Mountains shudder tectonic grind
Homo sapiens slap, drill, frack
natural gas to feed smokestacks.

Droughts fertilize presence of mind
Precious aquifers, waters fresh,
prized soil cleaned for organic creche.

Winds of change blowing bane behind
Asthma lifts with less tar and coal
Smog fumes thin with less truck petrol.

World intentions yet to be signed
When minds wed will actions follow?
Could hopeful anthems ring hollow?

Gossamer from a spool unwinds,
Life threads its spiraled mystery,
Spins mirage of eternity.


This poem is an attempted "Constanza" in
response to Jane Dougherty Poetry
Challenge #26: Constanza.  Please 
follow the link to learn more about
this poetic form.

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Green shoots inspire hope for the future

Timing is everything in the spring.  If bulbs sending up green shoots are confronted with freezing temperatures at the wrong moments, their fresh growth can perish.  I photographed the appearance of garlic and daffodil shoots in March and April, but neither have progressed–due to a switch from warmer weather to snow and cold.  I covered the garlic with a frost blanket and cross my fingers for future daffodils.

As spring progresses, my first instinct is to wish for flowers…I wrote a poem for the daffodil shoots:


Rise up

through frost and chill

stretch upwards to green, then

yellow, flourish sweet daffodils,


Then I thought, encouraging premature growth may be unwise…so I wrote a poem urging the fresh garlic shoots to proceed with caution:



patiently wait

for a perfect moment,

then proudly show your destiny,



My poems are cinquains inspired by Jane Dougherty Poetry Challenge #25: ‘Cinquain’.  I am also linking to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: ‘Future’ –as buds and green shoots inspire hope for future beauty.

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World’s Largest Solar Bridge: Blackfriars in London

For me, the golden and azure tones in this photo of the Blackfriars Solar Bridge, over the River Thames in London, creates an aura of hope for humanity’s transition to clean renewable energy.

Lemanshots–Fine Pictures and Digital Art is the creator of this stunning photo. Please take a moment to visit her blog to show your appreciation. If you are not familiar with her work (thousands are) you may wish to browse.

The Blackfriars Solar Bridge opened in January 2014. Holding 4400 photovoltaic panels on its roof, Blackfriars is the largest solar bridge in the world. The energy captured by its panels contributes one-half of the power used by Blackfriars Station.

I feature images of renewable energy projects, as symbols and signs of what can be done to transform our world. Transition to clean, fossil-free energy sources is our present and future.


lemanshots - Fine Pictures and Digital Art


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