this Canada Day weekend 2018

Canada Day long weekend marks 151 years from July 1st, 1867 when three colonies of the British Empire merged into one Dominion called ‘Canada’. I remember it being called ‘Dominion Day’ before 1982, the year Canada claimed its Constitution as its own…from that year onward legal ties with the United Kingdom were cut and only the Canadian parliment would be able to amend the constitution. Canada also adopted a Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982. I remember that part most of all…but getting back to Canada Day 2018…it’s a summer party, a long weekend celebration in parks and backyards… barbecues, ice cream, marshmallows, corn on the cob, red and white flags, t-shirts and hats, tacky red sugar flags on donuts, swimming, slip and slides, booze, bonfires and fireworks and a HEAT WAVE … a spike of heat and humidity not felt for a long time.

We partied Saturday night and now I write, freshly showered after watering the garden, sitting beside the comfort of a fan. Staying cool is essential these days with temperatures melting equanimity…I try to not dwell on how Prime Minister Trudeau and President Trump either deny or dabble with climate change treaty commitments. President Trump decided to add excitement to the international trade arena… he recently introduced tariffs on steel and aluminum imports and this weekend, as a Canada Day present, our Prime Minister announced Canada’s ‘retaliatory tariffs’…sounds like a trade war to me…Happy Canada Day!  Happy Independence Day!  Let’s hope this tariff chest thumping is only a phase and that all involved will find ways to improve cooperation rather than create competition.

border trade disputes

echos of school yard fights

blood in the dust


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Wikipedia has a “Trump tariffs” article that may be of interest.  The steel and aluminum tariffs are directed at imports from Canada, Mexico and the European Union.