late summer, autumn near

Anise Hyssop, August 19, 2018, 10 am


late August mornings

the weight of exhausting heat

no longer deters

sleep-ins, strolling out at nine

in soft zephyrs, dewy light


In late summer the pressure to get out to the garden before 8 a.m. is easing up. It is still cool enough to harvest and tidy after 9.

A tanka for Haikai Challenge #47, autumn near.

©️2018 Ontheland

garden frog


a small garden—

lifting straw and moving soil

disturbing earth dwellers

frog small as a billiard ball

frowns from where I saw him last


©️2018 Ontheland

Carpe Diem #1449 presents ‘river frog’ in its Summer Kigo series. I’ve featured a relative, this garden frog.

mid-June race to summer

There is no question that we are galloping towards summer. Cold nights are coming to an end and lately, days have been hot and dry. It was a tumultuous early spring for my partner and I. We both had health issues that kept us indoors. Meanwhile buds were bursting and grass was growing high. Some areas of the yard needed to be trimmed so we could walk the dogs and navigate around the house and vegetable gardens. When I was finally able to work outside, I had to accept that spring was in the lead.

wading through long grass

on the way to the kale patch

huge dandelion

leaves flaunting wild abundance

thistles nestling in sweet greens


©️2018 Ontheland

Gardener’s rant

By country roads they’re spraying herbicide

Let’s chop and mow and raise our ‘No Spray’ signs

Let’s say no to poison — send those trucks away.


Now is the time to plant new seed

not to cull in the name of noxious weeds

Roadside trims are still enough.


A gardener’s work is never done

We toil from dawn to setting sun.


Only when hungry bugs bite and prowl

do we surrender, throw down our trowels.

I was working outside all day, both in the vegetable garden and in the yard mowing and putting up NO SPRAY signs, leaving little time to write. I thought I would write a haiku but ended up with this.

©2017 Ontheland










Perennial: ‘lasting for a long time’

Sometimes a long time

feels like forever

and then we forget

about the conditions

that perpetuate.

Right soil


gentle winds, ample sun

friendly fauna,

attention and effort

to support, to protect

knowing that

what appears


may die and not return.

©2017 Ontheland




May rains

We’ve had an unusual stretch of rain and clouds. 


such abundance!

the creek is now a river

tumbling to the lake


city pond

new willow tresses

fill mirror 

After days of rain

faithful gardener returns

to kneel, sprinkling seeds

©2017 Ontheland