Fresh hope unwinds


Every spring fresh hope unwinds
aromas soft and verdant tones
caressed by breezes gently blown.

Downy branches above entwined
boast tawny lace and feather brush
display of life's relentless crush.

Hungry birds peck morsels of rind
Ants rush in to gather and feed
Meanwhile furry mold tendrils breed.

Mountains shudder tectonic grind
Homo sapiens slap, drill, frack
natural gas to feed smokestacks.

Droughts fertilize presence of mind
Precious aquifers, waters fresh,
prized soil cleaned for organic creche.

Winds of change blowing bane behind
Asthma lifts with less tar and coal
Smog fumes thin with less truck petrol.

World intentions yet to be signed
When minds wed will actions follow?
Could hopeful anthems ring hollow?

Gossamer from a spool unwinds,
Life threads its spiraled mystery,
Spins mirage of eternity.


This poem is an attempted "Constanza" in
response to Jane Dougherty Poetry
Challenge #26: Constanza.  Please 
follow the link to learn more about
this poetic form.

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Life on the line–Berta Caceres

Berta Cáceres won the 2015 Goldman Environmental Prize for defending the environment–she led her Central American indigenous community in protesting a hydro-electric dam project.  After numerous threats of kidnapping and death, she was shot dead in her Honduras home in March.

Fatal gunshots rang out in Honduras,
echoing across media channels,
a tragic event, an activist shot,
a senseless death for all to mourn.

Berta Cáceres: honored activist
took aim against a hydro dam,
championed indigenous rights,
Defended her home, a spirit river.

Berta Cáceres:  fearless, strong,
led the Lenca people's protest,
hearing threats to life and freedom,
Bold defender, they shot her down.

May her death become symbolic of
heinous crimes across the world,
killing stewards of nature spaces,  
silencing those who care.

True heroes, friends of the earth:
those who challenge industry are
not intimidated by guns, 
bulldozers nor political clout.

People refusing to move away from
native soil, birthplace and roots,for
centuries have tended their homes,
Preserving the planet for us all.

For an excellent video honoring Berta Cáceres after she won the Goldman Environmental Prize last year, please visit here.

Global Witness, a London non-profit organization, reports:

  • in 2014, there were 116 documented killings of environmental activists worldwide;
  • 3/4 of the murders were in Central and South America
  • 40% of the victims were indigenous people.

This post emerged after I pondered the Secretkeeper Weekly Writing Prompt #32 words: | SPACE | FRIEND | EVENT | MOVE | AIM.

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