haiku on mowing and trimming

Saturday July 14

Rain may fall

nature has the upper hand

too hot for mowing


Sunday July 15

days so hot

grass doesn’t grow

mower laughs


parched grass

rests motionless

the silent tractor


in this heat

Queen Anne’s Lace soars

grass crisp as straw


Monday July 16

in purple spikes

bees and butterflies dance

pruning shears rest


©️2018 Ontheland

Haikai Challenge #42 Cutting Grasses

Viper’s Bugloss


Bees love bugloss blue

snakes do not–they say

it’s a remedy

for their venom, still

Viper’s bugloss could

be their cousin—look

how its red stamens

flicker and feel the

bristle-sting of its

round thick stem and the

leaves, rough and pointed

like long sharp teeth or

oxen tongue. It’s a

witch’s sword in a

taut-rooted rosette

ready to brandish

penta-herb magic.

‘Bugloss’ has Greek origins meaning ox’s tongue. The flowers have five petals, five sepals and five stamens.


©2017 Ontheland