April 22 Full Moon on Earth Day

April full moon is known by different names according to Farmer’s Almanac:

Pink Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, and Fish Moon.

Pink moon is an exciting name as it conjures images of a pink orb lighting the night sky–however, the moon isn’t pink in April. Pink blossoms, moss pink, and wild ground phlox are features of this month–though not yet in my neighborhood.  Here is a Japanese garden in full  bloom with a carpet of moss pink.

Moss pink at Yachounomori Garden in Japan; Photographer: Tanaka Juuyoh
Yachounomori Garden in Japan; Photographer: Tanaka Juuyoh

Sprouting Grass Moon does apply to my surroundings–slowly, but surely, yellow fields are turning green.  Egg Moon references spring fertility or the size of the moon.  The April full moon is the smallest of the year–as the moon is at its greatest distance from Earth.  Fish Moon?  I’ll leave that interpretation to those who are in tune with the lives of fish.

This post is in response to my fascination with Native American Full Moon names.  Coming up: May, month of Flower Moon.  Happy Earth Day!