the way forward

2021: another Election Day in Canada. Will a centre-left government return or will any hope of swerving from the precipices before us sizzle in conservative capitalism?

Election Day

the hours before




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8 thoughts on “the way forward

  1. From this side of the Atlantic all I can say is….be careful what you wish for. Politicians promise much but deliver little. The only sure thing, once in power they do what they want. The tragedy here is that our Politicians are just that, career politicians, in it for what they can get out of the system….no longer in politics to improve life for the constituents. Sad reflection on politics.

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    1. Yes our choices are not outstanding and there have been and will be differences between promises and delivery unfortunately . Yet there is an outcome that I dread more than several other possibilities. It’s hard not to feel disillusioned these days although there have been sparks of good leadership mingled with missteps.


  2. I think I know what you mean. The whole process was somewhat disappointing, lacking any option that I could fully celebrate. But the most dreaded option would have been worse and fortunately that didn’t occur 🙂


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