March 2021 – – senryu

her green face mask

matches her sweater . . .

St Patrick’s Day



©️2021 Ontheland

6 thoughts on “March 2021 – – senryu

  1. Thank you, Denis. For some people St Patrick’s Day is a major event. Of course there have been major efforts to curb large gatherings this year because of COVID. The situation that inspired this senryu was actually very subtle. I was walking out of the grocery store and saw a woman with a green mask… a subdued shade of green. My next realization was that her sweater was almost exactly the same shade…and my mind started going to the matching sweater sets of the 1950s but then a light bulb turned on in my head. It was St Patrick’s Day!

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  2. You were very subtle Janice. I imagined a typical Irish response to the day and this usually includes too much alcohol and embarrassing consequences. I have over 50% Irish genes but do not celebrate the day.

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